Broad Spectrum

The term “Broad Spectrum” is often used to describe CBD products that contain a variety of cannabinoids, but have been stripped of THC. Broad Spectrum products are generally considered an alternative to full spectrum CBD products, which contain THC.

Unlike isolated CBD products, which contain only CBD, Broad Spectrum products contain a range of cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds found in the cannabis plant. This can create a synergistic effect called the entourage effect, which is the theory that different components of the cannabis plant work together to produce beneficial effects.

However, unlike full spectrum CBD products, Broad Spectrum products have been processed to remove THC. This may be important for those seeking to avoid THC for legal or personal reasons. It should be noted that Broad Spectrum products can vary considerably in composition and quality, depending on the manufacturing methods used and the quality testing performed. It is therefore important to choose high quality products from reputable manufacturers.

In conclusion, Broad Spectrum CBD products offer an interesting alternative to isolated and full spectrum CBD products for those looking to benefit from the synergistic effects of cannabinoids and terpenes, without the THC. However, it is important to choose high-quality products from reputable manufacturers to ensure their effectiveness and safety.